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Saharanpur Associates & Engg. Association is proud to work with a number of associate companies as strategic partners who we consider to be the leaders in their field of operation. This means we can combine our skills with those of our associates to offer professional mariners a comprehensive range of complimentary services for safe, efficient and cost-effective navigation management.

Saharanpur Architects & Engineers Association is the peak industry association for those in the business. The SA&EA works to ensure industry growth by encouraging high industry standards, promoting the professionalism of our members and highlighting the unique business opportunities that exist through exhibitions and their associated events.

We are the business event industry’s most active and influential not-for-profit, member-based organisation – funded by annual membership fees and attendance at our events – and the only association that is dedicated to supporting and representing the specific interests of organisers, association organisers, venues and suppliers within the exhibition and event sector.

We represent the interests of our industry at the highest levels of government, business and industry and in the media, both nationally and internationally. Our advocacy agenda is highly targeted and is designed to influence decision makers. Through our advocacy campaigns, and the use of compelling facts and evidence, we have achieved industry-leading levels of engagement with state and federal government departments and senior government and business leaders that give us a voice in key circles of influence across the country.

We are proud to work in partnership with our valued community of national and international exhibition and event industry organisations, strategic partners and members in the delivery of our work. It is with their support that we are able to achieve great things for our industry, such as our success with promoting the Power of Exhibitions as both an effective marketing channel and a driver of economic development, trade and export, employment, visitation and knowledge sharing.

Here are 10 reasons why joining an industry-related association is well worth the time and effort:
1. Access to education and training. In many cases, membership in an industry association leads directly to advanced education and training programs, which help you maintain your edge and keep your skills sharp and current.
2. Enhanced benefits programs. Some associations offer members access to group health care benefits and other perks as a reward for your investment.
3. Access to membership directories. A lot of associations maintain directories, in which members' businesses are listed. This can help you increase your exposure to new markets and potential clients.
4. Competitive advantage. Taking advantage of association resources can help you earn and maintain an edge over non-member competitors, thanks to access to inside information and advanced training opportunities.
5. Access to certification and licensing programs. Many associations support member certification and licensing initiatives, both required and optional. This offers you an excellent opportunity to diversify and expand your skill set, qualifications and marketability.
6. Privileged access to industry events and conferences. You may qualify for discounts or special access to upcoming conferences, trade shows and events in your area.
7. Potential cost savings. Some industry associations grant member vendors access to special rates on products and services, saving them money and allowing them to price their goods more competitively and increase profit margins.
8. Inside access to innovations and new developments. Associations let you stay on top of new products, services and innovations within your industry, helping you maintain a competitive and informational edge.
9. Opportunities to give back to the community. You can use your membership to share your knowledge with other member businesses and promote a stronger sense of community cooperation. Many associations donate to charity events and provide member volunteer support and participation as a group.
10. Networking opportunities. Perhaps the most important benefit of these associations is that they provide you with an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals and entrepreneurs in your field.